Here's what teachers and administrators are saying about ImprovEducation's professional development workshops:

"The applications of improv are endless.  I think using these tools in combination with class meetings will greatly improve the competitive climate in my classroom right now."

"I loved how the improv activities brought everyone together and provided multiple opportunities for us to interact in a fun, respectful and thought-provoking way."

"I can easily absorb the activities and bring them straight into the classroom."

"(I appreciated...) the simplicity of getting started, the intent of including all, and acceptance of risk-taking and “failure”; having fun and doing these principles instead of just talking about them."

"These activities tie in perfectly with our school-wide theme of 'story'... Story Spine is a great writing tool."

"I want to start playing the games as a start to each day…and as an extension to some of the other drama work we do.  I want to apply the games to different curricular areas."

"I loved the non-performance games as a way to engage all students."

"(These activities) provide another modality for reluctant writers/participants to access curriculum."  

"I liked the variety of activities to stretch the mind."