ImprovEducation introduces key principles of improvisational theatre to K-12 educators, promoting meaningful learning, greater engagement, stronger social connections, and risk-taking.  Games and activities are described and analyzed, offering practical options for teachers to try in their own classrooms.

Principles of Improv:
  • Woo hoo!  Failure is okay; it's an opportunity to celebrate and learn from.
  • Make your partner look good.  Develop an ensemble environment.
  •  Yes...and... Accept offers...and add to them.
  • Commit!  Put your full energy into what you're doing.
  • Do what comes next.  Keep it simple rather than trying to be witty.
  • Listen.

About the Author:
Carrie Caudle is a committed educator, performer, consultant, and life-long learner.  She supports infusing innovative practices into teaching, encouraging students to think more deeply and enjoy learning through multimodal experiences.  Carrie has been applying improvisation techniques to her work in the classroom for years, and is available to coach a wide variety of educators in doing the same.

With a background in teaching, psychology, educational research, curriculum development, and project management, Carrie has a wide variety of experience to draw on for coaching school professionals.  She has degrees and training from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, and BATS Center for Improvisational Theatre, and actively works on her own skills as an improviser and performer.  Carrie Caudle is based in the Northern San Francisco Bay Area.  Feel free to contact her directly at carrieyucaudle@gmail.com.