Why I Teach Improv

Here's an email I just received from a student.  It really doesn't need any more of an introduction.  I am humbled.

Hi Ms.Caudle!

I was wondering when you were going to start off your improv class again, because I had a fantastic and wonderful experience last time, I am eager to join again. I have noticed that there has been a change in myself just from a class like so. I have noticed that I have been more out there, raising my hand more, not afraid to ask questions or for assistance. I finally felt like I was my own person again and back on track with reality. Not only learning the components of improv its self, but learning to understand and support. Most of all to have fun and think off the top of your head. I have made many connections just in such a small class. I actually loved the fact of having a smaller class because not only was it easier to connect, but i felt like I didn't have to impress anyone that would care if i messed up or was being weird. I felt like we were a family. Not like "One big family" like what most people say, but it really felt like my second family on Tuesday and I could release everything on my mind and everything physically also. Not only was it an amazing experience, but _____ and I felt like it was a time to get rid of all the drama and just have fun for about an hour and forty minutes. I would like to thank you for not giving up on me, and starting this class as well. You and this class have changed my life :)

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