Thinking Ish-ly

Last night, I emerged from my daughter's bedroom...feeling the weight of her head on my arm, hearing her slowing breath, thinking about what really matters.  Thank you, Peter H. Reynolds, for your beautiful picture book which helped me refocus my energy and attention on what really matters.  Through seeing a "flower" as "flower-ish", through allowing mistakes to become offers, we not only learn to take care of ourselves, but we find ourselves capable of embracing innovation and vision.

Here is an excerpt from Reynolds' wonderful book:
Ramon felt light and energized.
Thinking ish-ly allowed 
his ideas to flow freely.

He began to draw what he felt--
loose lines.
Quickly springing out.
Without worry

As I read those lines aloud to Luna at bedtime, I made a noticeable p a u s e.

We adults need to remember to live...ish-ly.  Sometimes, our flowers don't look like the flowers in the vases in front of us.  Our flowers are not wrong.  Our mistakes are our gifts.  If we can open our eyes to the possibilities facing us, to those opportunities we hadn't yet considered, we can become the visionaries our students deserve.

We must also remember that Ramon was not able to see the gifts in front of him without support.  He needed a guide (in the book, it is his younger sister...his fan) to help him see his work in a new light.  My hope is that this is who I can be for my students.  I know that, on our best of days, this is what they are to me.


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