Family Connections

I just received one of the most heart-warming messages;  I have to share it!
My friend and colleague, Kerry Santia, teaches K/1 at my school.  I've also had the pleasure of teaching her two wonderful children.  Here's a message she sent me today:

Hey Carrie,

Hope you're enjoying your holiday.  We had one of the best Thanksgiving Days yesterday and it was partly because my kids taught us some of the improv games you've done with them.  We were are hanging around after the meal and the under 8 cousins were entertaining us with songs and skits when Dino decided to teach us "I'm a Tree."  We played it for a while and then Bella taught us "Big Booty"  - which we played around the bon fire for about 30 minutes.  

First of all, I loved the way my kids took the initiative (no coaching from me - honestly) to teach our group of 20+ between the ages of 5-70, and I've never seen my family laugh together as much before.  There was a lot of belly rolling laughter and just good clean fun under the stars around the bon fire.  A night we will remember.  Thanks for inspiring my kids to spread the improv love.


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