Calling Me Out...and trusting you to catch me when I fall

Driving back from rehearsal last night, my mind was on many things: Don't forget to pop by the store to get milk for Luna tomorrow. Prepare something for Back to School Night. Stay awake, woman!

But what I kept coming back to was the feeling of being backstage...the anticipation of the moment when I'll feel compelled to walk beyond the curtain, to become a character, to make a bold choice. The connection I feel with my other players is nothing short of brilliant--the knowledge that I am jumping into a potential abyss and that one of these guys will be there to catch me, to keep me from falling, to truly deserve my trust.
If Jon calls me out, I know we'll figure out a relationship between two characters. If Fred starts something and I add a sound effect, I have no doubt that he'll make it work. If I start to flail, Brett will come out, sit down and sniffle behind me onstage. Bam! A scene.

These moments happen for students as well. How can we help them to notice and celebrate the fleeting, tremendous moments of group mind, of synergy, of genuine support?
Still playing with that one... Share your ideas!

***I'll be performing with UnforeScene at BATS Improv in SF on August 15th at 7pm--The Bayfront Theatre at Fort Mason. Hope to see you there.***

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